Beginning the seekers journey

My wife has recently taken up a short-term teaching position in the Middle East. It is a challenging role, not least because her reception aged children speak almost no English. But it is a position that affords challenges, cultural insights and unique experiences that her willingness to embrace will good as guarantee her evolution as … More Beginning the seekers journey

Grains of sand

Last night before sleep I enjoyed a few chapters from The book of Joy. It is a book that documents the talks, discussions and thoughts of two of the most joyful and influential spiritual men of our era- The Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu. It is a beautiful book and one that I would … More Grains of sand

Mental Health Month

Mental health specialists say that one in four people will suffer a mental illness during their lives. The statistic is drastic, but the reality is much sadder and profound. Look around you, right here, right now. Look at the other students sharing the dojo floor, sitting around the edges of the mats catching a breath; … More Mental Health Month