The Perfect, Imperfect You.

by Matt Jardine The Perfect, Imperfect you How do you feel about your body? Is there something about it that embarrasses you, upsets you, makes you angry at the cards you have been dealt? Is there anything you would change, something that, were it ‘fixed’, might make you feel better about yourself, more attractive, sexy … More The Perfect, Imperfect You.

Novel in a day 2020

Yesterday, literally from dawn ’til dusk, I took part in ‘Novel in a day 2020’. I’m writing about it today because, in light of recent government comments about ‘art’, it seems fitting.  ‘Novel in a day’ is a literary project that involves the collaboration of writers from across the globe on a single novel written … More Novel in a day 2020

The Hardest Path

‘On the Japanese island of Shikoku, amidst mountains, coasts, and bamboo forests, lies one of the world’s most sacred trails—the eighty-eight-temple pilgrimage. Inspired by Paulo Coelho (author of the Alchemist) and driven by dissatisfaction with the day-to-day grind, Matt Jardine embarks on a journey in search of answers to life’s great questions, mysteries that confound … More The Hardest Path

Same old, same old

At last, it happened. And, I suppose, it was only a matter of time, knowing that it is impossible to please all of the people, all of the time. But it’s never pleasant. Scattered amongst reviews from genuine readers delighted with ‘The Hardest Path’ was one from a professional critic that was, shall we say, … More Same old, same old

‘Throw-away’ wisdom

I call it ‘throw-away wisdom,’ and it is dangerous. You’ll recognise this kind of wisdom: “have more confidence,” “ love conquers all,” “shoot for the stars,” “believe in yourself.” There is every chance that my public flagellation of these examples of monotonous maxims will highlight me as a curmudgeonly old git, but let me finish. … More ‘Throw-away’ wisdom