Novel in a day 2020

Yesterday, literally from dawn ’til dusk, I took part in ‘Novel in a day 2020’.

I’m writing about it today because, in light of recent government comments about ‘art’, it seems fitting. 

‘Novel in a day’ is a literary project that involves the collaboration of writers from across the globe on a single novel written and produced, as you might expect, in a single day.

At 12.00 am midnight, the writers are sent a pack of information that gives them the story background, characters and a brief of the chapter they will be contributing to the novel. 

That’s it. From then on writers are free to interpret their brief as they choose, as long as they submit their work by 8 pm the same evening. We all get to see how, and if, it gelled together the next day.

I heard about it, quite by chance, from a random thread on Twitter (is anything ‘random’ about social media algorithms?) 

I’m talking about it today because, if you are a writer, aspiring or full time, it might be the single best thing for you to try. Here are my top five reasons why:

1. It is a wonderful opportunity to challenge yourself and to bench mark your current writing level against other writers in much the same boat as yourself (I say benchmark, not compare.)

2. It is great practise writing to a deadline and knowing that others are relying on you to ‘do your part’. It’s stressful, but ‘good’ stressful.

3. It gives you the chance to surround yourself with people, like you, who are passionate about writing. We all know that to get good at any craft we have to submerge ourself in all aspects of it. 

4. It is somewhat refreshing to work with someone else’s story line and not have to worry about coming up with your own. You get all of the freedom with none of the restrictions: win-win all the way.

5. Most importantly, if you are anything like me, the whole experience will make you feel alive, creatively, emotionally, physically and, yes, even spiritually. 

I’d like to take a quick moment to thank a few people who were instrumental in making yesterday a success.

Sheri- of course, for being ok with my writing door being closed all day.

Keith: judge or Judge and Baskin’ Robbins 

Rog at Novel in a day: for the wonderful opportunity and chance to grow as a writer 

Scrivener: because even I’m more organised with Scriv.

The stars: for coming through for me when I really needed them to. 

I’ll leave a link for the Novel in a Day website here in case you’d like to sign up for future challenges.

I’ve attached the book above and below (oyh-blue) (I’m chapter four)

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