Miracles DO happen: England win the cricket world cup

Like millions of others, I sat on the edge of my seat glued to the TV as England took on New Zealand attempting to win the cricket world cup for the first time.

Stuck, that is, until the dying moments when New Zealand’s Martin Guptill stretched for the safety of his crease as England’s Joss Butler smashed the ball into the wicket for victory. Who could stay in their seat with such high drama?

Minor miracles littered the game, at least from England’s perspective, and it got me thinking.

Although top-shelf category miracles such as seas parting, humans flying and the dead resurrecting are rare (if they happen at all!), minor miracles fill our lives every day. Just ask the England cricket team if you have any doubt about that.

I have witnessed them many times, most notably while walking the 88 temple pilgrimage in Japan.

The hours of undistracted trekking up and down mountains, through bamboo groves and amongst the calm of natural surroundings leads one to an open and mindful state of mind. In this state, free of mundane distraction and busyness, it is easier to notice the miracles that surround us and buoy our life every day.

When I returned home, I wrote down what I had discovered, and these notes later became my book, The Hardest Path.

Once back in England after the solitude of Japan, I decided to experiment with what I had learned, to see if I could use the lessons to improve and enhance my ‘normal’ day-to-day living.

The lessons worked as well at home as they did while on the pilgrimage.

I used the ancient wisdom to improve all manner of things in my life:
I started a business, wrote a book, moved on from a relationship that was no longer serving either of us and, like the England cricket team, set myself an ambitious sporting goal.

I decided (using the principles of chapter eight in the book) to become a World Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

In a turn of events no less miraculous than England’s during their victory over the Kiwi’s, I did indeed win a World Championship gold.

But this isn’t about me, or the England cricket team; it’s about YOU.

Minor miracles DO HAPPEN, so I’m wondering, when are you going to set your self some ambitious goals?

When are you going to accept that good things do happen in life and that you are as deserving of them as the next person?

And, more importantly, after seeing that miracles do happen, what on earth is stopping you from making them work for you?


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Matt Jardine is a writer, teacher and martial arrtist. He is the author of ‘The Hardest Path- a journey outside to answer the questions wihin’, avialble now in soft, hardback and Kindle verssion on all Amazon stores.  


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